surface for three female voices

It is a situation in which organic and inorganic converge together, three women are singing one note only (g-sharp) behind a structure.
When one of them has to breathe the others continue to sing by generating an endless sound.
The breath gives to the sound a particular structure determined by the resistance of the body, more the singers sing and more is the pause for the breath.
The structure is made ​​of wood and fabric and it looks like a naked canvas that reveals also its internal structure, the figures are lined up behind it and the public may see them singing from the two sides of the structure.
The aim of the work is to create a sound that goes from being singular to being plural, from being chant to being space.

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Sally Hewett
5 anni fa
Sally Hewett Artista
This is wonderful. Hypnotic, beautiful. Just extraordinary. Congratulations.

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