Marbles/ from the series Conversations: Hula Hoops, Elastics, Marbles and Sand

The installation Marbles conceived for the exhibition Invisible Violence at Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade is one of the site-specific installations from a series Conversations: Hula Hoops, Elastics, Marbles and Sand, produced in different parts of the world.
Each installation is made in relation to the local site and accompanied with a sound piece emitted from 6 – 7 speakers (each speaker for the voice of one child); the children are narrating/answering questions about political issues such as social exclusion and inclusion, about foreigners, language, war, money, poverty.

This installation is produced with 30777 glass marbles, which are equal to the number of boys and girls born in the same years and the same towns as the seven interviewed children. These are 7 to 9 year olds, school children with different ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. In the post- production of the recorded material, the questions asked are omitted and only the children’s answers are edited to create a narrative. Listening to the sound of the installation the spectator has the impression that he/she is listening to a conversation between these seven children.
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