Ethereal Luminescence 15145

Ethereal Luminescence 15145

My purpose for these photographs is to interpret the joy, excitement and pleasure
of public events, such as, fireworks, light shows and amusement parks. My primary criteria as a photographer is to make beautiful images, but to make that beauty eye-catching, both dynamic and fascinating.

The union between the motion we live in and still photography which captures that motion seems to be the place where this "dynamic beauty" fuses.

This series, "Ethereal Luminescence", is a study of color abstraction, light and motion in the popular and active places where we find pleasure and exhilaration.

Through its abstraction, the photographs interweave the drama and excitement of the vibrant and colorful public places that we enjoy so much.

Technical notes: These photographs were made with a high resolution digital camera as single exposures with a technique, created by me, which I call camera painting. Only very minimum color corrections and cropping were made during post production. This collection contains over 100 finished images.

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