Nijinsky and the Ecstasy of the Divine

Nijinsky and the Ecstasy of the Divine

This work is from my new series ‘Nijinsky and the Ecstasy of the Divine’.

Inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky, the genius dancer/choreographer, this study explores his inner and outer world and seeks a modern expression of the creative essence which inhabited him.

Nijinsky was ballet’s first male ‘star’, with extraordinary virtuosity of skill, astounding believability in his transformative abilities to inhabit the characters he danced, lover of the legendary arts promoter Diaghilev and radical choreographer. Nijinsky descended into madness when only 29. In his journal written in the weeks before entering the asylum, he said, “People must not think me. They must feel me and understand me through feeling.”

Through a collaboration with the dancer Aleix Martinez, these photographs enter that space…

The photographs were made using a film camera and prints are silver gelatin on baryta, hand printed by the artist.

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