Installazione, Emozione, Astratto geometrico, Materiali vari, 50x150x50cm
We believe that every one has aggression, which a kind of hormone in the brain, had a role in controlling aggression as they do in some other fundamental behaviors like feeding and mating.
For instance, we can experience other’s aggressiveness in some occasions such as work place, different competitions. People become aggressive when they want to achieve something. However, we seldom review our own aggressiveness. "Aggressphere" is an interactive installation to visualise one's aggression according to individual aggressive values. It unveils one's aggressiveness through a kinetic sphere.

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Visual Wanderer
5 anni fa
Visual Wanderer Artista, Grafico, Illustratore
Intriguing... It would be interesting to know which parameters the algorithm is using/evaluating to "decide" one's aggressiveness level.

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