La Verite/Haqeeqat/The Truth Project

Video, Filosofia, Politico/Sociale, Filmato, 31:45
La Verite/Haqeeqat/Truth is a conceptual, conversation based art project completed by me in May 2013 for the Delhi Museum of Contemporary Art: Sarai Reader 09 Exhibition,New Delhi, curated by Raqs Media Collective.
For this project I am in conversation with experts from various fields to gain insights into the concept of truth and its political ramifications. Through inputs from across disciplines we look at truth as comprising substantive properties, social consciousness, perception and historical memory. Friends and experts talk about truth as they encounter it in their work, basing the discussion on some questions posed.
What is truth and do we want to or is it even possible to, uncover it? Is what we perceive as truth, the only truth or is it a lie under different circumstances or from another point of view? Who is to determine what is true or false? Will focusing on these questions help us determine our future rights?

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