Nuovo Mondo

Nuovo Mondo

Installazione, Paesaggio, Materiali vari, 300x300x60cm
Errico.Baldini. it composes alive figures in the things, it chooses objects as testimony of histories, it is synthesis and essence selective memory. Its photos are as images of family cut out for excluding what it doesn't belong to the memory, an action that repeats, tearing, burning the borders, stamping in small dimensions, to engrave a personal gesture, intimate, as sign of affiliation. Least portions of what it contains traces irreducible representations of his/her reality.
All of this is contained in the suitcase that E.B. hands with itself, spirit of the places, his/her earth's measure.

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javier milara
10 anni fa
javier milara Artista
good composition
Sanae Hayashi
10 anni fa
Sanae Hayashi Artista
Like it!
10 anni fa
Criel Artista
Una valigia dischiusa sul domani:
un'esplosione di immagini, carboni come segno materico,
si allontanano senza una precisa sequenza logica,
luoghi , memorie,radici ..... "NUOVO MONDO" è quello che ci appartiene!.

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