For the Love of Losers

For the Love of Losers

Installazione, Politico/Sociale, Materiali vari, 200x220x200cm
For the Love of Losers exists in between this polarity, critically commenting on contemporary issues of valorisation. Here the performative reaction against mis-valorisation in art, as represented by the diamond skull, consists of throwing rotten tomatoes at it. This process itself is the creation of a work that in its own right becomes subject to its function as a continuous fiction in the context of its valuation.
What is to be done with value? Its destruction simply empowers it. Fardjadniya builds on this double-bind using an iconoclast strategy that is itself bound in the circularity of action and reaction, attestation and resistance. The artist references the most prevalent assumption and fear in any iconoclast debate, which is that the viewer misguides his adoration towards the image rather then to the issue represented by the image. Fardjadniya accentuates this debate by inviting the destruction of what represents commercial art, an action that nevertheless completes his own piece of work. Wiebke Gronemeyer, Independent curator, based in London and Hamburg.

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Lapo Simeoni
10 anni fa
Lapo Simeoni Artista
mi piace - bellissimo
11 anni fa
Alexey TEREHOFF Artista
voted: Masterpiece!

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