Linea 2

Linea 2

I treni hanno sostituito, nel bestiario urbano, gli animali di grossa stazza che popolavano l'immaginario dell'uomo primitivo. Veloci, stanziali o in movimento, imponenti, prevedibili, pericolosi.

Tecnica mista su cartone telato
(olio, acrilico, matite)

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Milena Rosa Paro
5 anni fa
Bellissima esecuzione!
5 anni fa
WxM Artista
Grazie a tutti.
@ Nicci:

Imagine you are a graffiti writer. By night you enter a train yard and what you find is big metal worms, tall as a dinosaur. You can nearly touch it (or paint it) but you have to be careful with noise and movements, not to be catched. Acting like that makes you similar to a caveman who tries to "dominate" a dinosaur, by desiring and respecting it.
Tell me you have never seen cars and buses as fast buffalos crossing the urban jungle. :)

I'm sorry for my english, I'll be glad to answer to any other question (maybe caused by my bad english lol)

Cheers :)
Lino Bianco
5 anni fa
Straordinaria! Ciao,
Maria Elena  Ritorto
5 anni fa
5 anni fa
Nicci Designer, Pittore, Artista
Great painting ... but what makes trains dangerous for you?

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