Real Love 2

Real Love 2

Grafica Digitale, Amore, Illustrazione, Simbolo / Lettera, Computer graphics, 29x20x3cm
Two mixed art pieces exhibited at San Violentin 2009.
San Violentine annually exalts cultural exuberance that has been originated by violence. San Violentin is an open call for artists, made by its creator Eduardo Villacis through the website. It is an open call to reflect upon human excesses and its causes. In 2009, the Instituto de Investigaciones Fantásticas USFQ and La Naranjilla Mecánica invited visual artists to participate in the first non-virtual celebration of San Violentin. Among the participants where, Fabian Patinho, Hugo Burgos, Eduardo Villacis, Carlos Caluquí, Karla Villaizán, The Square Ball, Juan Zabala, Manuel Kingman. 2009

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