BreakUp No 22

Installazione, Astratto informale, Video installazione, 204x104x10cm
“Break Up” is the title of the new works of JoJo Tillmann, which give you the opportunity to indulge yourself into everydays life forgotten context of light, space and perception. Architectural, mathematical linearity and emotionalizing light impulses create his “lightings”. Light in its specific aesthetics appears. Variable cells create a changing colour-light-ambient and demand from the conscious of the interactive medium, the beholder, to orientate himself in the altering sense layers of the light, of which he himself remains part.

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ferdinando sorbo
9 anni fa
work very interesting...
Jagmohan Bangani
11 anni fa
I loved watching it.
Song Lu
11 anni fa
Song Lu Art lover
Vanished into the digital Space where we all came from ? Yes, I am mirrored and experience myself in strong self-awareness !
Wi Jiung
11 anni fa
Wi Jiung Artista
We think you draw some good connections Lines in your Images and we like your Layout use of Colors.
End Arte
11 anni fa
End Arte Art lover
I see it live in photo miami with no video. it very intense is and go deep in mind. it is different to many other but feel has more valu to me in art.
Rena Haverty
11 anni fa
Rena Haverty Artista
I'm sorry but i find this piece very obvious and gimmicky.
maybe if I was to see it in reality rather than video i could appreciate it more?
Amadeus Hiller
11 anni fa
Amadeus Hiller Artista
Wow, wirklich beeindruckend!
Andre Weber
11 anni fa
Andre Weber Art lover
I had the experience to see this artwork live in Cologne, wonderfull!!! Keep on doing what you're doing.
Lucia Cannone
11 anni fa
Lucia Cannone Artista
Amazing: so different, so unique
Pjor Welnikov
11 anni fa
Pjor Welnikov Giornalista

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