near-recursions in forest green, cadet green and electric blue

The generalization: "...a sequence like a set, contains elements. The number of ordered elements (possibly infinite) is called the length of the sequence. Unlike a set, order matters..."

The specification of sequence elements is governed by their order and the boundaries of their position (in contrast, elements which are naturally related to other/previous ones are often defined by their shared coloration).

Every specified element maintains a recursive disambiguation-value merging into the limit (length) of that sequence. Within this cinematic colorfield-string, the member color-values override any visual (figurative) context.

Appearing repeatedly, the greatest lower bounds (2 tones) and a least upper bound (1 tint) inhabit a near-analogous relationship. This join/meet - of FOREST GREEN, CADET GREEN and ELECTRIC BLUE (respectively) - becomes the subject itself.

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