Homeward Bound:  Watercolours N°3

Homeward Bound: Watercolours N°3

Pittura, Sentimento, Paesaggio, Olio, 170x135x2cm
The “Watercolours” series is an exploration of circumstance and a declaration of love to color. How does something formless and clear become so detailed and vibrant? It is “a sea of glass mingled with fire,” much like our souls, reflecting its depth and situation as an ever-moving mirror.

Painted with multiple layers of oil, the represented colors themselves take on the elusive nature of water, interacting with the ambient light to create an image that moves and relates.

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mario dagrada
6 anni fa
mario dagrada Artista
very very nice... fantastic work
alfio catania
6 anni fa
alfio catania Artista
Nice work!
Paul Brotherton
6 anni fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
Beautifully blended with exquisite colours & composition!
Juan D Barragan
6 anni fa
Juan D Barragan Designer, Grafico
Love this one!
Adrienne  Egger
6 anni fa
Adrienne Egger Artista
thank you very much! best regards!
vincenzo basile
6 anni fa
vincenzo basile Artista
Very nice...compliments.

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