Knocksink I

Knocksink I

Fotografia Analogica, Figura umana, Analogica, 165x122cm
"Knocksink I" is part of a series titled "two souls in one breast" and was created during a critical juncture in Ireland's shared identity with the Celtic Tiger just on the wane and the deep recession only beginning to pick up steam.

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Anita Kovacevic
10 anni fa
Anita Kovacevic Artista, Fotografo
Beautiful artwork, Theresa...the color is simply magical..
javier milara
10 anni fa
javier milara Artista
cool composition!
Yuri Ivanenko
10 anni fa
Yuri Ivanenko Artista
Theresa!You have wonderful work! I love it!I'm seriously is not just compliment.
Photo has subject, color , composition. Great! My vote for you! I interesting have your opinion about my work. Please, be honest

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