Affollamento di snelle donne minute in sauna - Rivalità congenita

Affollamento di snelle donne minute in sauna - Rivalità congenita

Pittura, Sessualità, Odio, Nudo, Emozione, Acrilico, 60x80x2cm
matita e acrilici su tela 60x80x2 - 2014
€ 25000

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Enrico Gherardi
6 anni fa
Enrico Gherardi Artista
Dear Philipp, I thank you for your words and your candidness. You have to know that the speech is too difficult to explain, because I have carried out a lot of researches to understand the reasons wich take me istinctively to accomplish these works. In the last years I have decided to not censor me anymore, therefore I have started to show my works in gallery. At the beginning I was doubful but lot of people told me I was brave and thank to this I got security on my self. In my opinion the woman is very important (I am a naturalist) in the life, in the human society and in the universe.
I think that two women who fight, or love theirselves or who fuse their bodies together (and to see them) is the maximum and archetypical.
After all, is it not more interesting and attractive than to see two men?
6 anni fa
benny Artista
6 anni fa
robolotion Artista
This is one of your works that I really do like. It is humorous, and the entangled petite bodies are painted well. A nice composition.

Undoubtedly, your collection is extraordinary and outstanding. On the other side, it's difficult to me to understand the motivation or the message behind it. Lesbian sex, merging bodies, cannibalism, fighting furies, and always the same type of idealized slim girl. It's fascinating, it's bizarre.

By the way: Some years ago, I drew a few similar sketches – just for fun. Of course, they are not as good as yours. Until now, I have never dared to show them publicly. And that will probably remain so. :)))

Best wishes,

Gianfranco ferlazzo
6 anni fa

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