W.M. Hoyt Building - Cermak Road Bridge District

W.M. Hoyt Building - Cermak Road Bridge District

Pittura, Bellezza, Architettura, Astratto informale, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 41x31x3.9cm
I discovered this impressive, empty factory building in an area that has been designated architecturally significant in Chicago. The W.M. Hoyt Building harkens back to 1909 and has been given Landmark status. The loading dock was scattered with refuse and signs of homeless people camping out here - sleeping bags, comforters, and even the remnants of a wicker bicycle basket which I used in the piece.

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Betsy Van Die
5 anni fa
Betsy Van Die Artista
emilia rebuglio
5 anni fa
emilia rebuglio Artista
Mi piace molto!

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