among us

among us

"Angels when they come to earth, they leave their wings at the coat-check so they won't get noticed" [from a Harley Davidson commercial]
Good (as bad) is among us... There are no tricks or cheats to recognise it. Sometimes it is really obvious, other times it is impossible to track, no matter how hard you look! The point is to keep an open mind and to try to postpone judging as long as possible (since it is hard to change the initial judgment one made about somebody). Good is not in your heart and neither in your mind!! Good is a state of being (!), yet the expression of it varies, depending on environmental (including social) factors!
Don't look for the Good, just try to feel it with all that is you.[I.R.S.]

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Majid shahbazi
5 anni fa
Majid shahbazi Architetto
Beautiful text and your great realization...
Emiliano Gambardella
5 anni fa
like a lot

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