a near-complementary join/meet of purple and lime

The generalization: “...the join and meet of a subset of a partially ordered set need not exist; when they do exist, they are elements...”

In this repurposing, PURPLE and LIME (respectively a join and meet) here become an associative pair within a partially-ordered cinematic expression.

Across their digital encounter (containing more than two event occurrences), the nature of the interaction between them does not change even as their elemental (visual) relationship does.

PURPLE (acting as the least upper bound, a supremum) and LIME (taking on the role of greatest lower bound, an infimum) are disambiguation-characters negotiating a color field balance of form and process.

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Tanya Bartolini
6 anni fa
Sei Grandeee!!!...Tantissimi complimenti di cuore per tutto..un abbraccio immenso...Tanyaaa:-))))) che grande spettacolo di emozini!!!!!...grazieeeee

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