ToneLadder /// TonLeiter

Live Media, Gioco, Live audio/visual
ToneLadder /// TonLeiter

A household ladder extended with a sensor system transforms into a real musical instrument. The ordinary ladder becomes a ToneLadder.

Stepping on a bar of the ladder or touching it by hand creates a sound, tone or musical loop, which varies from rung to rung. You can create a piece of music by stepping up and down on the ladder. Together with a partner you can even play a duet. There is a ToneLadder for everyone: standard, dynamic or even wireless. A reactive realtime 3D projection creates a visual livestream in sync with the created music.

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Titti Gaeta
10 anni fa
Titti Gaeta Artista
original ... ;)
10 anni fa
originales instrumentos!. Un abrazo
Slava Zhdanov
10 anni fa
Slava Zhdanov Artista
I like it!
Antonio  De Luca
10 anni fa
Antonio De Luca Artista
ottimo lavoro
Yuri Ivanenko
10 anni fa
Yuri Ivanenko Artista
Bravo! Nice idea and work!
Doug Burton
10 anni fa
Doug Burton Artista
Would love to try it, like the way the CGI interplays with the creation of rhythms, must be very immersive!
svetlana pesetskaya
10 anni fa
Stylishly, cheerfully, musically and ridiculously it is pleasant to me!!!!!!!! ¹1!!!

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