MITOSIS is an audiovisual show based in "throw self made systems"(DIY). It´s a project in which merge various disciplines: scenic, new media, music, sound, video and interactive art. Neuronoise have been researching new forms of audiovisual expression, leading to work in the field of electronic experimentation.

The work is based on interactive systems and unconventional musical instruments, designed and developed specially to fit the project and linked to the creation of sound, light and image in real time. As if it were an audiovisual orchestra, the musicians-performers playing audiovisual pieces manipulating the instruments. During the process of composition of a work and interpretations of the same scene, we tried to enhance the instruments in real time to the maximum extent possible. In this way, an intervention based on these systems involves a process of "interpretation-creation" where the simultaneous actions of the performers are reflected in the sound, image and light in real time. The result is influenced both visually and acustically by organic textures, using techniques composition that are typical of Electroacustic, Concrete or Electronic Minimalist music.

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Giovanni Longo
9 anni fa
Giovanni Longo Artista
WoW.. O.O
Renato Zacchia
10 anni fa
Renato Zacchia Artista
Che lindo!
10 anni fa
welovecinema Artista
Who are the best?¿?¿?¿ you are the best!!

hardcore technical! max/msp,... sensor,..


all the best for you.
ton, Kamensk Pedagogical Colledge,Museum  artist M
10 anni fa
Alessio Ancillai
10 anni fa
my Favourite!
arnau sallent
10 anni fa
arnau sallent Art lover
Mola, tíos, mola!

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