The Line

The Line

Fotografia Digitale, Politico/Sociale, Digitale, 58.2x39.3cm
This photo was taken in Tanzania during my visit to the local primary school in Sendui village in Ngorongoro region.
During the lunch break children are usually guarded by their teacher. Children tend to push each other struggling to get their meal because hungry belly do not recognize the politeness. Thus, their teachers usually have a stick; they yell at children and send them back to the line.

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Flordeliz Canlas
6 anni fa
Congratulations for a fantastic artwork! Molto Bella. Full of emotions and captured perfectly.
6 anni fa
The photo is very beautiful, emotionally very addictive...
la foto è molto bella, emotivamente molto coinvolgente...
Lino Bianco
6 anni fa

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