The Tomb

The Tomb

Pittura, Paesaggio, Olio, 100x80cm
I am interested in the ruined spaces situated on the outskirts of our society. Neglected and abandoned they seem to melt into the debris and litter of a forgotten landscape. The directly sourced imagery is combined with iconography taken from the paintings of the early Romantics and contemporary subjects extracted from the media. They coexist; creating works that reference a sense of displacement and questions mans mortality in an increasingly complex existence.
Through my engagement with and exploration of the materiality of paint in order to dislocate form and structure, I aim to encourage the viewer to take a closer, more considered look at the subject and thereby engage with the work on a deeper level. Producing paintings that work as a metaphor for our contemporary lives and a search for an answer to our question: Why?

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Alik Vetrof
10 anni fa
Alik Vetrof Artista
10 anni fa
Dome Artista
precious painting!
Giovanni Oscar Urso
10 anni fa
Ottimo lavoro!
Slava Zhdanov
10 anni fa
Slava Zhdanov Artista
I like the unusual atmosphere, the view, everything.

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