In The Beginning There Were Three

In The Beginning There Were Three

Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 4' x 5'
Year completed 2002

I painted this illustration to publicly proclaim The Biblical account of a six literal day creation by the holy trinity, to be The true account of the origin of all thing that have been, are now, and will exist. I believe Evolution Theories have many wholes in them and lake sound evidences to declare Evolution as the true account of origin of all matter. I believe school should teach both theories,
and let the student decide which is truth for themselves.
The three figures of light that are holding the hour glass represent the trinity, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Who together created all thing. The back ground of the paint is suppose to illustrate the trinity created all things from nothing. The hour glass is suppose is to appear to be made of pure gold.
representing a creation with out , corruption, and decay, which would latter be part of the curse the creation would be subjected to be cause of man's sin.
The top and bottom base of the hour glass, has the icon of the moon and sun six time to represent the six days of creation.
The six spheres floating inside the hourglass represent the six literal day, and what was created on each day. The first day God separated the darkness from the light. This spheres is placed at the bottom of the hourglass because sand in a hourglass always flows down.
The second Day God separated the sky from the sea, this is represented in the sphere located at the bottom right of the hourglass.
The third day God separated the land from the waters. Represented in the top half of the Sphere. The bottom part represent the plant life that was created on the same day.
The fourth day God creates outer-space, every star,and planet. God mentions The sun was created to light the earth by day, and the moon to light the earth by night. This is represented in the sphere located at the top middle of the hourglass.
The fifth Day God created the creatures of the air and the creatures of the water. This is represented in the sphere located in the top right of the hourglass.
The sixth day God created both the land creatures, and man. This sphere is located top left of the hourglass.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
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