Fotografia Digitale, Politico/Sociale, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 220x220cm
Pipeline is an on-going series of large-scale photographs that document the routes of various oil-pipelines in 3 South American countries: Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela. The images of different landscapes throughout this trajectory capture the people, habitats and activities that coexist with the pipeline. The pipeline appears above the ground and other times disappears beneath it, becoming a metaphor of the illusion of prosperity. The photographs reference XIX Latin-American landscape painters, method by which the continent was first documented. The romantic style of this type of painting emphasized light and the placement of foreground elements that were manipulated to enhance composition. A similar methodology is used in each of these photographs composed of multiple numbers of shots taken from the same point and then put together digitally. Time is compressed; enabling subjects that were not there at the same time appear to be so. These constructed landscapes reveal a tension that is created between the natural and the unnatural, between the poverty of its inhabitants and the symbol of wealth that the pipeline carries. This image is part of a series that can be seen in cstudios area.

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angela  trapani
11 anni fa
angela trapani Artista
brava! congratulazioni!
manuel marano
11 anni fa
manuel marano Artista
I really like your work!
Paola Calcatelli
11 anni fa
Very interesting and strong. Nice!

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