Real Life Real People

Real Life Real People

A document of mankind and a unique blueprint; the blueprint of the soul.
"Jim Plasman studied at AKV / St. Joost, The Netherlands, he captures the man in his environment, very direct, with a lot of force. These are intimate images in black and white to emphasize the expressiveness of the image."
In my project "Real Life Real People", I made realistic portraits of people, very close to the skin, fair and uncensored. Because these pure images are unedited, every pore becomes visible and every single line helps determine the character of this person. I isolate people when I photograph them. Due to this isolation, they become unaware of what is going on around them, they become silent and they no longer see me as a photographer. This is very important in making these portraits; you almost get a glimpse into their soul, their pure and inner character becomes visible. The face turns into a diorama; the eyes are an entrance for a glimpse into the soul.
In a world that is becoming increasingly achievable and where plastic surgery becomes more easily accessible, with our techniques and computers, which can cause every unwanted wrinkle to disappear, we almost forget man's natural state.
Through media and mass production, we become aware of more and more uniformity. Does man tend to belong to the great common denominator or is he allowed to and able to make autonomous choices?
With this serie of portraits I show that every person in his/her natural state is beautiful, interesting or fascinating and that especially these differences make humanity so substantial. All of the portraits together emphasize the versatility of beauty. Uniformity and perfection are not important, it is the differences that emphasize the power of one's personality. Every unique detail in a face shows who that person is and that both moves and intrigues. All these portraits together give a fascinating over-all image of human. One's face is a unique blueprint of one's life, it makes vulnerable while it is disarming at the same time. This honest portrayal brings human back to his origin of being.

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Mirjam van den Beuken
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Christiane Bernreuther
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I like your portraits, very good work!!
Claudio Canneti
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Claudio Canneti Fotografo
Bellissimo il progetto, complimenti!!!

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