Untitled I

Untitled I is about my identity defined by language. Identities are often classified into categories such as name, sex, ethnicity, family history or educational status. Although they are also parts of myself as a member of society, I can't help thinking that my identities are trapped in the written words that lead us to have uniform patterns of attitudes and behaviors.

In this video, letter shaped lights are shone on my body as if they are tatto. Although the letters are not actually carved or dyed on my body, there's no way to remove them in the same way that we can't really deny our sex, skin color, ethnicity and many other factors defining identities.

The texts in this video are written in Korean that is my mother tongue, but it's not important for the viewers to understand what the texts actually mean. They won't be able to fully understand even if they speak in same language as me. I wanted to describe how language dominates the way of identifying ourselves through this performative action.

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