Commissioned Condition

"Commissioned Condition" is a 24 minutes long animation loop. To realize this piece, I commissioned strangers that I found online to improve a portrait of me. A drawing that was made by street artists in Barcelona last year. Using the principle of the Those amateur artists based in different places of the world did not know who was the person represented and were simply asked to make the drawing look “more realistic”. Chinese Whispers I sent each new version to a new person asking them for the same thing.
I received 14 drawings that I animated in order to give them them a voice. The result is a pointless but uncanny discussion between those improved versions, a conversation about the self and its representation, origins and identity, virtuality and physicality. The text is based on the emails exchanged with the commissioned artists and want to lead the viewers to reflect on the construction of identity in our society and on the status of art online.
This piece played in loop can be displayed on a single screen placed vertically or as a 3 vertical screens installation, in this case the 3 videos and the soundtracks have to be synchronized.

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Kate MacDonald
6 anni fa
Kate MacDonald Artista
Amazing work - thanks for sharing!

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