London Refurbishment

London Refurbishment

This is a photography project that I made during the 2012 year to investigate the refurbishments and changes of London in relation with my personal identity. I use my portrait as a pretext to analyze the connection between the History of Art with the Contemporary times. The pictures have been taken using the photomontage technique. Firstly I researched the antique watercolors that illustrated the London areas in the past. I was able to find them in the London archives and I took some pictures of them. Further on, I visited the exact areas painted in the old watercolors and I took some pictures of the new elements, part of this age. In addition I made my self portrait while playing the typical character of this contemporary time. At the end I created new pictures combining these three elements. Have we improved the quality of life? how many cultural connections have increased? Are we conscious of the rapid transformation that is happening in our life?

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