Video, Politico/Sociale, Documentario, 94:40
This project aims at creating a work of art, intended as a performatory research on body expression and as an audiovisual creation, with sociological contents. Just like a reflection on the interior conscience that a woman has of herself.
250 video interviews (in condition of theatral antropology), involving women from all over the world will allow me to develop an intercultural sociological reserch. The interview consists of five questions, which aim at spurring women’s reflection on themselves and on their interior condition. The answers to these questions will not limit to oral language: emotions or silence could also emerge… The women interviewed will speak in their native language.(Subtitled in English Massari)

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Dem Wolfe
9 anni fa
Dem Wolfe Artista
Nice... well done.
Alfonso Siracusa
9 anni fa
very good!
M a r i a
10 anni fa
M a r i a Artista
Excelent!! Basic questions are the most difficult to answer...
There was an interview that literally brake my heart.
The best is that you really manage to capture the essence of these women.
Te felicito!
Yuri Ivanenko
10 anni fa
Yuri Ivanenko Artista
Not often we can watching and listening honestly women's life opinion. This my favour work in video works. I gave my vote!

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