Red Bride

Red Bride

My work is about violated woman, a homage. Violence against women constitutes a violation of basic human rights. Islamabad-A bride was gang –raped by her grooms friends with her in law’s in consent in Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 400 cases of domestic violence reported in 1993. In Darfur women are often reluctant to speak, fearing social stigma or further trauma. Child Soldier - Liberian rape victim and child bride was raped and forced to be the wife of 3 men for 11years.Some females fall prey to violence before they are born, when expectant parents abort their unborn daughters, hoping for sons instead. In other societies, girls are subjected to such traditional practices as circumcision, which leave them maimed and traumatized. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, in the 400 cases of domestic violence reported in 1993 in the province of Punjab, nearly half ended with the death of the wife. World Health Organization, 85 million to 115 million girls and women in the population have undergone some form of female genital mutilation and suffer from its adverse health effects. South Africa has one of the highest incidences of rape in the world nearly half of those raped are adolescents

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