The blur of thinking

The blur of thinking

Fotografia Analogica, Idee, Ritratto, Analogica, 75x50x3cm
The portraits of Geraldine Forbes are taken at a lecture performance in honour of the early Austrian social scientist Käthe Leichter.

Geraldine Forbes is Professor of History at the State University of New York Oswego, where she teaches courses in Indian history, World history, and Women's history. For the past forty years, she has researched and written in the field of women's history. At the moment of the lecture performance she was teaching at the University of Vienna as the Käthe Leichter Guest Professor in Gender Studies.

During this performance she actually sits on a chair and works at a table which I had created for an installation remembering this outstanding woman social scientist. This symbolic University Chair is covered with the sheets of the original edition of 1930 of one of the most important books of Leichter. At another moment Geraldine compares the strips of a soft material work (fabricated for this installation) which represents the women's network of Leichter.

With the analog double exposures I aim at rendering the blur of the act of thinking as well as Geraldines alert personality and her profession as a historian. The portraits are part of the installation: see for more information:ür-käthe-leichter/

The fact that all these pieces (chair, table, soft materials work) appear both in the portraits, recording a performance that happened in the past, as well as they did and will appear in the show, opens up a dialogue between different layers of time.

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