Untitled 3 (Family Portraits Series)

Untitled 3 (Family Portraits Series)

Fotografia Digitale, Famiglia, Ritratto, Digitale, 45x30cm
My work is based on encounters with people and places, and the wonderfully inaccurate, and sometimes absurd, ways we remember them. Latest technologies i.e. iPad, have enabled me to combine my training as a painter and photographer, to work in more spontaneous, uninterrupted ways. Using digital tools that emulate both processes, I can work in a more organic manner, seamlessly switching between the two.
I am currently working on a series called "Family Portraits", exploring changes in perception of my family's identity over three generations and two continents.
Drips and drops from past and present, endless repetitive actions producing never quite the same result (Deleuze).

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