Para = outside; nous = mindspin

Para = outside; nous = mindspin

One subconsciously conjures imagery that is by and large autobiographical. In this instance confronted by a primal fear hardwired into our systems. I swam in the deep sea off Cape Town later to be told the great white shark lurks the deep, a territorial incursion where the shark has torn the legs of surfers . Twined, living under the dictatorship of the once horrendous white Apartheid regime pursued by apartheid’s paranoiac spies for sixteen years for the crime of knowing too much, juxtaposed by a landscape of unparalleled beauty generating my award –winning works; Jaws and White Dog , Angst 20th/21st century and Some of my best friends . The Shoah, Soviet era coupled with Mccarthyism , the Inquisition -Marranos , Marat Sade’s human struggle , contemporary terrorism, nuclear or otherwise catalyzes the hidden monster within us -paranoia.

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8 anni fa
Adi Artista it!
Jeffery Beach
11 anni fa
Jeffery Beach Artista
Wonderful work

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