Back of Murray's

Back of Murray’s is a physical interaction with the two-dimensional world, drawn from life and my reciprocal action with it. Back of Murray’s is a combination of three interweaving items: painting, stop frame animation and performance. Attempting to connect with the viewers’ own authentic spiritual expression and experience of the body in the world, giving voice and acknowledging the importance of bodily experience over layers of time.

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5 anni fa
Nicci Artista, Designer, Pittore
Well done!! Exceptional work!
Gianpaolo Marchesi
5 anni fa
Vanessa  White
5 anni fa
Vanessa White Artista
Thanks for your lovely comments. Cheers!
Cher  Brown
5 anni fa
Cher Brown Artista
magical, and absolutely beautiful! I love it!
Monomax    M. Soldi
5 anni fa
Monomax M. Soldi Artista, Art lover
Congratulations, thanks for the wonderful trip in nature and in the game, in research and in the movement. Biz!

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