The Phoenix Throne part I

The Phoenix ‘Throne partI
‘Bird of the Spheres’
The clash of civilization
Sometimes to those who
believe spells the final
deathknell in the New York obelisk
That the burnt itself to ashes
Is nothing but an untruth
The Bennu’s
ashes resurrects
the quintessence of rebirth
unlike the dragon that fumed the towered walls
and speared its spirit into non-existence
Its all in the spheres
Where the codex is inscribed
The messianic phenomenon
Inherent in every myth
its common denominator,
the Bennu ,Brahma and Phoenix
transmuting to infinitum
veiled in the ethereal,
passing judgement

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Alfonso Siracusa
10 anni fa
very good! voted by
Ciaran Magill
10 anni fa
Ciaran Magill Artista
Hi Basil

You got my vote, masterpiece!

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