Hallelujah 12

Hallelujah 12

Pittura, Sacro / Mitologico, Olio, 150x100x3cm
Modern Maenads sing hallelujah as their saintly glassy-eyed gaze seek a night bus.

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Carol Gianotti
10 anni fa
Carol Gianotti Artista
Penny Tristram
10 anni fa
Penny Tristram Artista
Hmm.... at least one of those Maenads looks strangely familiar. Great painting!
Paul Sucksmith
10 anni fa
Paul Sucksmith Artista
Top piece of work, i like it very much, well done and good luck.
Gaspare Fazio
10 anni fa
Gaspare Fazio Artista
execellent, great work

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