Exponential Pattern

Exponential Pattern

I combined the idea of a visual pattern with the repetitious cyclical behavior of U.S. politics. I focused specifically in the area of energy policy. The pattern of stock traders, industry smoke stacks, and oil pipelines all intersecting the capital building repeat over and over again. The visual here mimics reality, and just as in reality the viewer can extrapolate that the pattern continues endlessly. There is a possibility of breaking this cycle. That’s why there is another pattern. The pattern is similar to the other but it replaces all the negative parts. The new pattern showing through from underneath suggests that over time the old pattern can be stripped away leaving only the new pattern behind.

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Ronnie Tres Reyes
10 anni fa
well done! congrats! :)
Paul Sucksmith
11 anni fa
Paul Sucksmith Artista
Top piece of work, i really like this, a simple but powerfull idea. well done and good luck.

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