suck 2

suck 2

Pittura, Figura umana, Olio, 150x150x3cm
"SUCK 2" is a part of diptych "SUCK".This work about motherhood in society today

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Andrea Battantier
10 anni fa
I would like to transform my baby in a doll.
Wonderful work.
svetlana pesetskaya
10 anni fa
Ìíå íðàâèòñÿ î÷åíü ñèìâîëè÷íî!!!!!
Rossana Corti
10 anni fa
Rossana Corti Artista
Two possible interpretations for a work really intense and dramatic ... The first, what is instinctive to me: what we have to settle for being mothers, of substitutes ... Second, what we would like to transform our creatures to satisfy our needs ...
Graziano Panfili
10 anni fa
goor work!
Antonio  De Luca
10 anni fa
Antonio De Luca Artista
ottimo lavoro ti voto

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