Ozone 01

Ozone 01

Fotografia Digitale, Filosofia, Figura umana, Digitale, 80x80x3cm
The creations of Doro Breger come into being in the area between photography and painting. She herself gives it the label »Foto=Graphik«. There are no post-processed photographs nor material collages, but genuine transgressions: pictures of pictures,  intensities obtained.
The principles of presentation her »Foto=Graphik« is much obliged to the following: divergence, transparency, translucency, clear separation, transversality.
Even striking is the diaphanous structure, what means, that each motif is translucent in relation to something subjacent. This subjacent object is not simply »mind«, it is a floating reality which can cause an unimagined effect on the individual beholder. 
The interaction between inner and exterior life can be described as the artist does by herself:: »At work I try to be  a companion to my clients when they go on a journey to understand their inner life. Creating my pictures is always connected with real journeys to various places in the world. That is the difference, but making art means for me that both sides belong together. The change of location is a change of perspective, it gives a different and new view of the world and the things that exist in and on her.«
The mapping of internal travel and motion characteristics to those that have been undertaken in the world  and vice versa, is well preserved in cultural memory and appears in Bregers images immediately.
Doro Bregers objects can be seen in New York and Tokyo as well as in New Brandenburg and Castrop-Rauxel, because one of her media is the Internet. She has a permanent exhibition in the »Museum im Netz«. But besides that it is also very interesting, attractive and necessary to see them as real objects on a real wall.

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