Working as a Costume Designer for Contemporary Dance, but with a background in photography, I try to document the fluidity of human movement through long-term exposures. These allow us to trace our trail through space and time, which I believe is the most appropriate translation of movement into imagery.

In 2007 I designed costumes for "Infinity", a production by Rambert Dance Company; "Infinity" is inspired by a number of fundamental life processes - from birth to the inevitability of our departure. The title refers to the singularly human aspiration and hope that we might exist, in some form, forever.

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sergej glinkov
11 anni fa
sergej glinkov Artista
dynamic, baconian, pure flesh! love it
11 anni fa
Dome Artista
very impressive, thanks for posting:)
Luca Braglia
11 anni fa
Luca Braglia Artista
congratulations, very impressive and intriguing
11 anni fa
Georg Artista
thank you! i like that some of your paintings look like the photos of liquids by wolfgang tillmanns!
Suzan Leisering
11 anni fa
Suzan Leisering Artista

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