Loli Lol

Loli Lol

Loli Lol is part of the project 'We Can Hear The ColorS'

Through the art I've found the way to send this magic to all, and it's easy to get it.
I'm happy to share it with you, and to convey this beauty to you,
that you can change yourself and those around you.
Try to see hear and feel, this is not an illusion, it's a reality that you can feel and enrich.
I'm sure you can do it, and take it with you.
Has always been difficult for me to explain it in words, but I'm glad that art helped me to convey the message,
try to look through the art works and see what I mean.
I believe it's can help to many people, I believe it's can help us to find many solutions and answers in our life,
This happened to me, and I am amazed at what a good day can be.
We are allowed to pass any gate and discover new worlds throughout lifetime,
New dimensions can be seen.
The Sound is so beautiful, It's amazing.
The Photos are taken at magical area nature near Jerusalem, and are not processed by digital means.

The project now being formed and will collaborate these paintings and unique music. The main goal of this project is to spread the idea that colors can be heard, with the sensitive help of a skilled editing studio.

Thoughts for the future:
Creating international cooperations and collaborations, to spread the belief that there is lots more of good in this world that we can see hear and feel.
(Exhibitions and Discussions).

Thank You, (lectures can be ordered)
(The Project is open for International Representation)

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ornella balbo
6 anni fa
ornella balbo Artista
trovo che tutto ciò sia veramente magico .. bellissimo
6 anni fa
benny Artista

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