Danse Neurale

Danse Neurale is an artistic performance by SPECTRE and Lukas Zpira.

It's been performed during Borderline Biennale at the Demeure du Chaos in Lyon and during Souterrain Porte at Totem in Nancy.

The central aspect in Danse Neurale is to bring flesh, plastic and steel on stage together, make them complementary and let them express together as if they were a single organism.
Lukas’ body is equipped with a series of wireless sensors: an EEG headset, a breath microphone and a modified stethoscope; moreover two flesh hooks are inserted under his skin and connected to a winch. As the biometric signals are collected, they are sent to the software, where they are parsed in real time and used to drive both the audio and the visuals; when the winch starts to pull Lukas’ flesh, it generates a neurological response that, in turn, becomes a biomechanical feedback: two huge wings made with his own EEG graph grow from his shoulders, start to flap and lift his body off the ground.

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