'I See You' by Neil Seligman

'I See You' by Neil Seligman

Fotografia Digitale, Ritratto, Figura umana, Nudo, Digitale, 80x60x1cm
'I See You' is an exploration of the human body through digital photographic portraiture.

In my portrait work I attempt to see beyond the mask of the physical form and bring witness to the essence of each subject by capturing the play of subtle energies that live beyond the commonly-perceived physical realm. As such I refer to these images as soul portraits.

My unique process uses meditation, movement and coloured fabrics to create a canvas painted with light, colour and the human form.

Everything you see in each image was captured in camera. Nothing is added or taken away.

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Dan Bridge
6 anni fa
Dan Bridge Fotografo
Great work Neil. Time looking at your images is time well spent.
Kathleen  Rogers
6 anni fa
Kathleen Rogers Fotografo
Great images!
Anna Di Leo
6 anni fa
Anna Di Leo Artista
Very interesting your project and very beautiful your photos with the play of colored transparencies.
Gianpaolo Marchesi
6 anni fa

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