Monument Gaza/Hanoi, a Still Life

Monument Gaza/Hanoi, a Still Life

Fotografia Digitale, Politico/Sociale, Digitale, 150x110cm
This photograph is about the state of children in war zones, the use of children as defensive shields; a canon and other weapons of war of destruction purposely placed in population centers to gain a psychological, political and military advantage .The state of the wounded and dead is in natural contravention with the jurors in World Courts and the Geneva Convention. A common ploy used in terror zones throughout the world 20th/21st century where one nation is subject to guerilla warfare tactics as any means to an end. Where the oppressed versus the oppressor or vice versa the establishment a nation state subject to confrontation.

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Paul Sucksmith
10 anni fa
Paul Sucksmith Artista
Very interesting work, well done and good luck.

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