Venice Canal #1

Venice Canal #1

Pittura, Architettura, Paesaggio, Acrilico, 76.2x101.x3.8cm
Acrylic painting from a photograph I took one day in Venice. The photo captured my interest and desire to paint it as the light played upon the various textures of the buildings. Using a transparent gesso mixed with the paint, have utilized multiple layers of color to build a feeling of softness, depth and antiquity.

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Giancarlo Caporali
8 anni fa
Gaudys  Laxury
9 anni fa
Gaudys Laxury Artista
Giovanni Oscar Urso
10 anni fa
Molto ben fatto!
Raymond Victorio
11 anni fa
Raymond Victorio Art lover
Brava Ricci, A beautiful painting, it captures the beauty and the love that swirls through Venezia grazie mille -
Chuck Reich
11 anni fa
Chuck Reich Artista
A stunning painting. Completely transports your mind and body to the site.

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