A lifetime struggle of loveliness

A lifetime struggle of loveliness

Pittura, Filosofia, Figura umana, Acrilico, 700x200cm
A lifetime struggle of loveliness
Is one painting whit in 14 panels
This painting is a tabula rasa of a lifetime view from birth to the old age of a fictive female person
When there is birth, puberty ,love and controversy,, entertaining, struggling, remembering, and loving as a grand, you will always search for loveliness that’s what the picture is all about.
People are around, symbolized into the triangles. There is no recognized face at first and a lot of knowledgeable faces in a later life.
Search on aloysstaps.eu ( schilderijen)—you see each panel separate
Search on www. robspanjaart.smugmug.com to= artist for a to makethis picture at 100%

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Karma Chodon
6 anni fa
Karma Chodon Artista
Waldemar Dabrowski
6 anni fa
Very interesting...!
Tanya Bartolini
7 anni fa
Meravigliosa e un grandissimo in bocca al lupo !!!...Tanya
davide vezzola
7 anni fa
davide vezzola Fotografo
Flora Unicum
7 anni fa
Flora Unicum Artista
Molto bella

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