Decalogue III

"Decalogue III" is a meditation on the nature of human morality. Could morality be a common denominator for the modern nomads in the constantly changing contemporary society, a fundamental necessity through which we express our humanity independent of geographical, cultural o religious determinants? Or morality is just an artificial social construct lacking universality and creating a feeling of alienation and conflict in a newcomer, who enters, virtually or physically, into a new cultural zone.

Video loop based on the sound-reactive animation of photographic images; original sound track

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Fabio Keiner
6 anni fa
Fabio Keiner Artista
outstanding... fantastic
Elena Retfalvi
6 anni fa
Elena Retfalvi Artista
Grazie mille per l'apprezzamento.
Franco Confessore
6 anni fa
Pensavo che fosse uno dei video che andava in finale. Mi spiace!
Ingrid U. Hebenstreit
6 anni fa
Türkan  Elçi
6 anni fa
Türkan Elçi Artista
adriana seri
6 anni fa
adriana seri Artista
decalogue = ten words
often translated
in the direction of darkness
Suzan a1qq Hijab
6 anni fa
davide vezzola
6 anni fa
davide vezzola Fotografo
bellissima idea
Anna Di Leo
6 anni fa
Anna Di Leo Artista
Elena le tue opere sono davvero particolari e affascinanti. Brava!

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