Decalogue: anonymous identities

Decalogue: anonymous identities

Our life seems to be over-saturated by the images of violence and suffering: the stories of disasters, abuses, crimes and scandals fill the newspapers and screens and they are more graphic and more visual than ever. So what is standing behind this addiction to suffering is it compassion or a voyeurism, what do we see and feel when we confront a victim. What is the mechanism and nature of compassion - is it an evolutionary luxury or a programmed basic mechanism which is an intrinsic element of our humanity? …Did we become desensitized, do we use the civilized tricks of charitable attention to dehumanize the victim and mask our voyeurism?

This project is the result of following the cases of victims that were failed by the justice system and whose choice has been to remain anonymous, honouring their solitary fight for justice.

The work consists of 9 archival pigment prints positioned on the wall in a straight 3x3 grid, overall wall space required: 120cm x 120cm.

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Cornelia Mittendorfer
6 anni fa
My compliments!
Art Studio  38
6 anni fa
Art Studio 38 Gallerista
Complimenti. Prova a partecipare alla collettiva "extrAAngel- under THE wings"- manda una mail a!

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