Fotografia Digitale, Spiritualità, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 40x27cm
This image is taken from a set of works entitled Mountains(s).A photographic project made up of a series of images that continue the formal and technical experience begun with "Atlanti" (2012).
The images explore mountain landscapes. Through formal values put into practice by language, the photos give rise to a shared presence of territories suggesting a reflection on these sort of territorial identities.Trying to abstract the formal-looking speech.Mountains(s) intends to emphasize the connection between the images presented and the basic concept of the photographic language and its relative observation. The random composition that is created on the page between two images seen against the light, allows the representation of new hypotheses about reality, thus opening a parenthesis in which the observer cognitive and imagination are put to work in a narrative reconstruction of the subject observed.In the Mountains (s) project I am interested in giving continuity to the landscape, for this reason the choice of b/w of the double page represented, with only the mark of binding as element of separation between the images.

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davide vezzola
6 anni fa
davide vezzola Fotografo
bella l'idea, bello lo scatto

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