Untitled (Congress series)

Untitled (Congress series)

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Olio, 190x130x1cm
This painting belongs to a series focused on a particular event, no matter which or where, just a Congress. Nevertheless, this is only a starting point. Almost all historical and political references are, somehow, erased in order to concentrate on a particular aspect of the whole. This gives rise to a continuous metamorphosis between fact and construction, a grid of fragmented stories based on collective and individual experiences in the artist’s aim to offer a contemporary vision of major political narratives and fundamental, universal topics such as the abuse of power, exploitation and oppression, and also of a personal, individual human struggle.
The mixture between figurative approach and the more conceptual abstract elements gives the image an increased complexity and often forces the viewer to revise a possible spontaneous initial interpretation. From apparent reality to sheer deconstruction, the process of painting crystallizes a moment that stems from media reality and acquires a new meaning that was previously hidden from us. Therefore, it plays a simultaneous, twofold dual role between representationality and disclosure.
Disclosure which will never be complete, but will leave us enough elements to understand its essence. In this depiction, the choice of colours and technique, i.e., the how of the representation, is not banal and works partially in counterpoint to the concept. It softens a situation and raises it from the ordinary to a higher mystified level, detaching it from all irrelevant details and masking all unnecessary. Suspended in the air, absorbed in their thoughts, the characters of the composition seem to be alien to their surroundings, forced to execute their duty like automatons but, at the same time, far from there and inaccessible.

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4 anni fa
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